Renata, though Polish-born, is a true citizen of the world; she has lived in several countries on several continents.

Her work ranges from traditional forms to contemporary abstracts, influenced by the diverse cultures she has experienced. Development and experiments with various media bring the greatest enjoyment. In her work, she marries form with color. She enjoys painting traditional art in water color, acrylic abstracts on hard board, canvas and jacquard as well as traditional oil portratiture on linen. Her art reflects her emotions, and distills her visions of nature.

All her work is for the eyes, hands and heart. She is attracted to the earthiness and rawness of the stoneware clay, and the coarseness that lends itself beautifully to raku sculpture and vessels. She also uses its polar opposite, porcelain, with its silky, smooth character, its whiteness and purity, its softness and kindness to the touch.

Raku sculpture and vessel are Renata's signatures as a ceramicist. She likes the drama of raku; having to handle glowing hot work and not always knowing the results. The dry copper matte surfaces yield such unpredictable colors. Terra sigillata, applied to porcelain objects and burnished, endows them with smoothness and soft, muted colors. Naked raku with its strong contrasting black and whites has a special appeal to her as well. The rapid firing process, bringing the temperature to 1900 degrees, and rapid cooling provides a challenge to both her work and herself.

The artist's goal is to further develop techniques she employs and to explore some new materials and surfaces. This will allow her to bring enriching, multicultural art ideas to the public with even more intriguing forms, colors, and techniques as she constantly develops as an artist.